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TheRice University is located a few miles away from downtown Houston in Texas state. It is regarded as the best university in USA set in a different atmosphere grooming a different set of students to step into the world at large. The University stipulates distribution requirements in humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. Students regard the requirements as both beneficial and disadvantageous. Only 20 to 30 students are allowed for each class. Other introductory classes in physics, chemistry, and constitutionalism entertain large number of students. The system prevalent in the university is to make the students study with the help of teaching assistants. The Rice University has Greek-free status. But, the university has unlimited fun activities in the campus. Community life in residential colleges gets glorified in Rice University campus. About 400 students drawn from nine colleges at the rate of 100 from each division resident at one place as part of the community life. They constitute a family. The number of rooms in each dormitory will be three or four. In the co-education floor. Each college will have its own dining hall. The food served in the Rice University campus is very good.

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