Texas A&M University College Station

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The moment you step in to the university campus…. noble thoughts surround you. This ancient university is a testimony to the history. Pursuing education here will become a milestone in a student’s life. The students, teaching staff and non-teaching staff of the university present us a picture of quality, which is the hallmark of the university. This Texas A and M University is the one of the oldest public university in the Texas state. The university is located in College Station of Texas state. The students are popularly known as Aggies. New students will soon become members of the Aggies camp after the orientation programme titled ‘Fish Camp. The relationship developed with fellow students and the institution will be cherished by students all through their rest of the life.The university is well known for its business and engineering schools. The competition for getting admission to these schools is very high. Many students at the university pursue courses with health related subjects and sports management as majors. Most popular courses of the university are petroleum engineering, business, bio-medical sciences, agriculture and kinesiology. Students of the university can pursue military related subjects enrolling themselves in ‘Corps of Cadet’.

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